Berlin Summer Semester in Germany 

It’s another summer in Germany! Applications are open for the summer semester in Berlin, Germany 2022. Each year, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin University in Berlin calls for international students from all over the world for an eight-week summer student program in Germany. Candidates from all over the world have the chance to work in fields related to their skills. If you are one of those who want to get an exciting cross-cultural experience, then this is a golden chance for you. Site visits are also part of this program.

Both men and women can apply. This is one of the most popular and interesting exchange programs. The Berlin Summer Semester in Germany 2022 starts from July 4 to August 29, 2022. The program will cover living and study costs for all participants. These types of programs are provided by Germany many times like this program.

If you are currently studying physics, chemistry, materials science, structural biology, mathematics, or related fields? Are you looking for an efficient period during July and August in this city? If so, this could be a golden opportunity for you. Only online applications will be accepted. Full details of this program are available below.

Details of the Berlin Summer Semester in Germany 

  • Country: Berlin, Germany
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Financial coverage: fully paid
  • Deadline: February

Financial coverage

The Summer Berlin Summer Semester in Germany 2022 is fully funded. This program covers all costs, which include:

  • In contract  Internship 8 weeks to work on project.
  • Allowance for the duration of the contract €1,850 gross for international student
  • candidates and €1,050 gross for students who are nationals of this country.
  • Travel expenses will be sponsored up to €500 to help you precisely because of your travel problem.

Internship fields

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Structural biology
  • Mathematics or related fields
  • additional information
  • Length of stay: July 3 or 4 to August 29, 2022
  • Working hours 40 hours/week
  • Poster presentation until the end of the stay

Eligibility criteria

If you are serious, you can get these criteria

  • International students from all over the world.
  • You are a student, not a Ph.D. candidate. You must be in physics, chemistry, materials science, or related fields.
  • You must complete a minimum of two years of full-time study in your given categories at the university level.
  • You will remain registered as a student during this program.
  • You are fluent in English, knowledge of German would also be an advantage.
  • You will need a  reference letter at the end.

Documents required

  • Academic CV
  • Transcripts and academic degree certificates
  • Registration confirmation
  • English card and passport copy.

Documentation Details: Visit here


The deadline to apply for the summer semester in Berlin, Germany 2022 is February 7, 2022

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