free of cost universities in Canada

Canada is famous for its top universities and welcomes many international students annually. Many of these universities offer scholarship for brilliant students to provide top and free education. It makes an attractive option for those students who are looking for free education in Canada. In this essay, we will explain a detailed list of free of cost universities in Canada for international applicants who want to continue their degree in a Canadian educational institution at free of cost.

Universities in Canada are famous for their top-quality education in different fields like arts, sciences, medical, engineering, and business.

The Canadian degrees are in high demand worldwide and almost all institution and organization prefer it .

Whether you desire to study a bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate, or doctorate program, Canadian universities many educational opportunities to students from across the globe. We motivate you to enroll in the Tuition-free Universities in Canada. 

About the free tuition fee universities 

In Canada, there are no free of cost universities for either international or national students. However, you can get the chance to study at your desired Canadian university without paying any tuition expenses by applying for fully-sponsored scholarships. These scholarships are awarded by different sources, including the government, organizations, many wealthy persons, and institutions in Canada.

These scholarships , such as bursaries, fully-sponsored scholarships, partially-sponsored scholarships, fellowships, and variety of financial assistance. This essay describes on fully-sponsored scholarships arranged to help international students for free study in Canada.

While these scholarships are introduced directly through the universities or through external organizations. However they secure the full cost of tuition fees. Many of these scholarships are given on educational merit.

With a fully-sponsored scholarship, if you meet the scholarship eligibility criteria throughout your studies, you don`t need to pay tuition expense at your selected university. However, you may still need to cover living costs and many extra fees.

list of tuition free universities in Canada

Concordia University:

                                                                           Concordia University in Canada now gives a chance for international students to study free through the newly established Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship is fully sponsored scholarship.

University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto provides many scholarships for international students, such as the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship. The University of Toronto provides many opportunities for students, including partial and fully sponsored scholarships, which are at all degree levels and courses.

University of British Columbia:

UBC provides scholarships like the International Major Entrance Scholarships and the Donald A.  The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a historic Canadian institute known for its top academic standards. It offers 2 notable need and merit-based scholarship via UBC’s International Scholars Program. These scholarships are fully funded, which means they secure whole tuition expenses and more. It means you can study your desired bachelor’s degree course at UBC without any worry about tuition fees.

University of Alberta:

The University of Alberta awards scholarships for international students, including the national Student Scholarship.

McGill University:

McGill provides scholarships like the McGill Entrance Scholarship Program for International students and the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for African students.

University of Waterloo:

The University of Waterloo gives scholarships such as the International Student Entrance Scholarships program.

University of Calgary:

The University of Calgary provides many awards, including the International Entrance Scholarship programs and many more.

Simon Fraser University:

                                                                                 Simon Fraser University provides scholarships such as International Undergraduate Scholars Program.

University of Ottawa:

 The University of Ottawa provides scholarships for international students, such as the Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Dalhousie university: 

Dalhousie provides scholarships such as the Master’s and Doctoral Entrance Scholarships for international students.

Please note that scholarship eligibility criteria changes over time, so it’s must to visit the official websites of these universities and get yourself up to date

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