University Of Victoria Scholarships 2023 in Canada

Are you searching for an International scholarship in Canda? Then here is the University of Victoria scholarships 2023 that is good for you. International students from all across the globe are wecome to apply in the University Of Victoria Scholarships 2023 in Canada . The scholarships are for the educational year of 2023-2204.  Almost all the areas of the Fields and programs are covering up in the University Of Victoria Scholarships. 


The correct numbers of scholarships varies each annually. The number of scholarships varies on the basis of available funding. These scholarships are accessible to only those international candidates who are not currently studying for a Canadian secondary school diploma (OSSD). The University of Victoria provides entrance or admission scholarships for the outstanding or brilliant performance in education of international undergraduate students.


We motivate you to get yourself enroll in this awesome opportunity of scholarship. In this essay, we will provide you the full details about the University and the Scholarships coverage or its advantages, Deadline, and Application Process. The selected applicant will get a value of  $3,000 to $10,000.  

About the University of Victoria:

The University of Victoria is a Government sector University. Moreover; it is a public research university. This University locates in the municipalities of Oak Bay and Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

The Phone number that is use to contact in the University is also availble in the following:

+1 250-721-7211

Undergraduate tuition and fees: The fees for Domestic students is mostly same with the last year but the fees for International students changes mostly.
Total enrollment of students including all International and domestic students:
22,020 (2022)
The University of victoria locates in the Province of British Columbia of the Canada
This University established in the July 1, 1963
The thing that brings good luck for the University of Victoria is the Thunder
  • Shield appearence and its references:

    There are three martlets—footless heraldic birds on the University of Victoria Shield. These three martlets—footless heraldic birds—on the UVic shield represent to those on the crest of McGill University, with which Victoria College was originally affiliated.

    University`s Motto:

    The university mottoes that are available on the UVic Coat of Arms, are ‘Let there be light’ (in Hebrew) and ‘A multitude of the wise is the health of the world’ (in Latin).

    University`s Colours:

    The Colours of the university are red, gold, and blue.

    University`s Flag

    The university flag describes three red martlets in a gold field above a blue field.

Origin of the University Of Victoria:

  • The university got degree-granting status in 1963. The origins of Univeristy of Victoria in 1963 However; the Victoria College and our ancestor institution established in 1903. We can traced back to 1903.

Facts & figures about the University:

  • There are 22,020 students (all undergraduate and graduate including International and domestic students)
  • There are almost 5,000 employees in the University, including 900 full-time faculty members
  • Moreover; There are 580+ patents filed to date
  • In addition; there are 1,145+ invention disclosure to date
  • Almost 160-169 start-up companies to date
  • This University got the #1 among Canadian comprehensive universities for preparing career-ready students (2019 Times Higher Education all World University Employability Ranking)
  • This University remains consistently the one of top university in North America for international research collaboration (Leiden, 2011-19)

About University Of Victoria Scholarships 2023 in Canada:


  • Country: Canada

  • Institute: University Of Victoria

  • Scholarship Coverage: Partially Funded

  • Deadline: Ongoing

Entrance Scholarships of University of Victoria  for International Students:

  • Entrance scholarships for international undergraduate students
  • Aga Khan Academy Scholarship
  • East China Normal University Renewable Scholarship
  • International Entrance Scholarships
  • International IB Scholarships
  • Nelson Family Award
  • International Student Support Award
  • Vikes International Athlete Award
  • International Bursaries

Aga Khan Academy Scholarship:

This is a scholarship of $90,000 and payable at $22,500 annually for four years This scholarship is awards to an educationally brilliant international student taking admission in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Victoria through an Aga Khan Academy. Domestic citizens and permanent residents can not apply in this scholarship. Scholarship receiver got selection on the base of educational excellence, community service, and school involvement and leadership. The financial requirements of the applicant will also consider.

East China Normal University Renewable Scholarship

This is a scholarship of $20,000 (amount payable at $5,000 each annuall) awards to an Educationally outstanding international undergraduate candidates. Getting admission in the University of Victoria from the No. 2 Secondary School that is linked to East China Normal University.

International Entrance Scholarships:


Twenty scholarships of $10,000 each will award to educationally brilliant international students entering into the first year of an undergraduate program at the University of Victoria.

International IB Scholarships:


All International students who have completed the International Baccalaureate program with a minimum of 32 IB points. Such students will eligible for an Entrance Scholarship, they provide in interim/final IB scores from March 15 to Undergraduate Admissions.


International Student Support Award:

One or more awards, of minimum $1,000 each, will provide to an entering or continuing international undergraduate students who have showed financial need. Part-time students (minimum of 6.0 units) are eligible for this.

Nelson Family Award:


One or more awards will give to entering or continuing undergraduate international candidates from sub-Saharan Africa with financial need. Preference will be provided to the students in the Faculty of Human and Social Development.


Vikes International Athlete Award:

An award of $40,000, amount of $10,000 annually for 4 years, will be given to an international undergraduate student entering or transferring to UVic and to those who will compete on any Vikes team at the University of Victoria.

International Bursaries


Kindly visit the International Bursaries section of our website for information on bursaries for international candidates.


  • First of all, Create a University of Victoria NetLink ID
  • Then login to University of Victoria Online tools using your Netlink ID
  • If you have not admitted yet to University of Victoria but have submitted an admissions application, select “Applicant Services”.
  • If you have got admissioned in the University of Victoria, select “Student Services”
  • Click on “View and apply for awards”
  • Click on “Apply for awards”
  • After all this process, the candidates needs to Select the assistance year and Period and the relevant application:
    • Canadian Undergraduate Secondary School application
    • Canadian Undergraduate Transfer Application

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