CVS Health Foundation Scholarships

Are you looking for a scholarship in the United states of America? Then here is the best scholarship for you. This will open the dreams of your bright future. Applications are currently open for the CVS Health Foundation Scholarships.

Students are welcome to enroll in the CVS Health Foundation Scholarships. The CVS Health Foundation offers scholarships to assist students in their education. This also includes the scholarships for the children of CVS employees who work full-time in CVS Health Foundation.


The CVS Health Foundation is not a public foundation it is a private foundation founded by CVS Health®.  However; CVS Health is locating the many health issues of our time, providing access to cheap and affordable health and wellness services. CVS Health Foundation is taking part and spending in many community-based programs that imprrove health equity and improve health outcomes.

It is an organization or company with a clear purpose, we’re creating healthy people together with number of patients, members and many customers. We reach many people and do many more things to make the health of their communities good. Thanks to our local people, many digital channels and our dedicated colleagues.

Collaboration Of CVS Health Foundation:

About Ten Millions of people in America don`t get daily meal, their daily meal is depend only on single dish they do not get any choice in their meal. Even they didn` t get enough basic facilitations like the housing , childcare, electricity and many basic facilitations. Therefore; the CVS Health Foundation continues to get various ways to support organizations like No Kid Hungry to aid needy people and to increase fair access to healthy foods to children who need it most.

For the next two years, the CVS Health Foundation will provide assistance to many organization and organization like No Kid Hungry`s continuing efforts to provide school breakfast, lunch and many meals in California.

Funds For CVS Health Foundation:

Whether we are working to large access to high-quality health care, lower costs or higher levels of involvement for puchaser, we keep people at the heart of each and everything we do related to our business. Our CVS Health Foundation Hometown Fund built as a basis of this commitment to provide aid to our neighbors and many communities that call our headquarters home.

In 2023, the CVS Health Foundation Hometown Fund will invest $2 million the Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Moreover; to help many organizations who are working to improve health results and creating a healthier and more fair future for all.

The time duration to accept applications has closed now. All candidates will get notification of funding from October 31, 2023.


The CVS Health Foundation has built a multi-million commitments to increasing access to good health care qualiry on basis of countries through companionships with the (NAOFCC) National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics and the (NACHC) National Association of Community Health Centers.


In 2016, many grants have awarded to free and charitable clinics. Moreover; many health centers on basis of nations to increase access. Along with; to improve the health results and minimize overall health expenses across the whole world in innovative and strategic ways.

Many nonprofit organizations linked with CVS Health Foundation work hard annually. To help our employees add even more support to the reasons they care, the CVS Health Foundation provides grants for many volunteer services. Stipends, range from $500 to $5,000, awarded directly to the organization on the colleague’s basis.


Volunteer Challenge Funds provide on basis of person who volunteer 15, 25 or 100 or more hours of service. Moreover; to teams that individual more than 50 hours of their service, and to both persons and teams who provide fund for a charitable run, walk or ride event.


New: Apply for a Volunteer Challenge Grant to provides assistance to organizations impacted by COVID-19.




Our Children of employees Scholarship Program purpose to provide aids to our full-time employees’s children in their dreams of higher education by minimizing the financial burden. The CVS Health Foundation-funded program has provided assistance the future educational goals of many hundreds of students throughout the country. Here are some of the scholarships that CVS offers:

Scholarship Details

  • DEADLINE: October 1st
  • AMOUNT: Varies

CVS offers scholarships to support students in their education:


1.     Children of Colleagues Program:

The scholarship is only for the children of full-time CVS workers. It can used to secure tuition expenses at a two or four-year education of university or college.

2.     Healthcare Education Scholarships:

CVS Health Foundation offers scholarships for the candidates attending Advance Practice Nurse, Physician Assistant, or Pharmacy schools. These scholarships proovides assistance to students pursuing healthcare-related courses in their educational journey.

It’s a best chance for you or someone you know is eligible for these scholarships to get financial aids for education. kindly check the latest application details and eligibilty requirements on the CVS Health Foundation website or through their authorize channels.

How to Apply!


Apply Now

Number of Scholarships Awarded:

  • Up to 25% of the applications receive choose to get a scholarship.
  • In 2022, over 900 candidates received, and 228 students awarded scholarships.
Selection Criteria:
  • Selection is base on many factors which include educational achievements, many extracurricular activities,qualities of leadership, involvement of community, the strength of the application and cover letter, recommendation letter, and financial need.

Selection Committee:


  • There is a committee that review the application independent of CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation. This committee do the selections. The committee consists of professionals from high school guidance counselors, college financial assistants admission officers and professional in college and higher education.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • The scholarship is currently open to children of full-time CVS Health colleagues that are dependent.
  • Students in college studying an undergraduate degree can also apply.
  • Candidates must be under the age of 25 at the time of application deadline.

Dependent Definition:

  • Dependent children are defined legally adopted and naturally children, stepchildren, or foster children who are legaly guardianship of the CVS Health colleague parents or guardians.
New Employees:


  • To get eligible, the parent or guardian must be a full-time CVS Health worker at the time period of the application deadline.

Graduate School:

  • This scholarship program is only accessible for the undergraduate students.

Monthly Income:

  • Monthly income must include the wage of the parents or guardians or stepparent anyone who lives with the child, similar to Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) standards.
Essay Criteria:
  • The strongest essay is use for review committee with an understanding of who is the applicant and what he want to get in college and beyond.
Recommendation Letters:


  • Students must upload their application before its deadline, even if the recommendation letter has not uploaded. Recommenders have a week after the deadline to upload the recommendation letter.

Educational Transcripts:

  • It is possible that High school transcripts can unofficial, but they must include information about classes and grades receive during all years of high school.
Decision Announcements:
  • Application decisions typically announced in June and sent to the applicant via email.




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